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New Aspects in Rotary Magnetostrictive Motor Operation

EasyChair Preprint no. 722

12 pagesDate: January 10, 2019


Several types of electric motors utilized in servo-mechanism applications, responsible for rotational movement could not deliver the right amount of torque, required fairly large amount of electrical energy and significant space for installation and operation. These shortcomings triggered the idea to develop another type of rotational motor. Following years of intense research, scientists came with magnetostrictive motor. In this paper, the time variation of the magnetostrictive torque was determined and expressed for the full cycle of the periodical current carried by the actuator’s coil. The moment of separation between the rotor disk and the flexible friction element was precisely found out. The developed torque is a periodical function of time, with the same cycle as the periodical current carried by the actuator’s coil. Furthermore, in the paper was developed an analytical mathematical model which takes into consideration both regimes: the starting process and the running one. In this way, one can track the displacement of the operation point. The developed model includes, in a rigorous manner, the main elements concerning the operation of the magnetostrictive motor. All of the experiments have been performed using a magnetostrictive motor designed and built in-situ by the Department of Micro and Nano electro technologies, within the National Institute for Research and Development for Electrical Engineering, Bucharest, Romania. The experimental data confirm and complete the main theoretical developments from the paper.

Keyphrases: actuator, inductor, magnetostrictive torque, optimal function, rotary magnetostrictive motor

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