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Consumer and Prosumer Comparative Statistical Analysis of Load Curves. Study Case: Romania

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9 pagesDate: July 8, 2021


The issue of the atmosphere gases concentration decrease, generated by the human activities, was the key point for integrating renewable energy sources into the electricity grid. Thus, consumers became prosumers, allowing energy consumers not only to use but also to generate energy, the surplus being sold on the electrical network. The suport of prosumers in the countries of the European Union has registered significant growth rates, especially regarding the energy produced from photovoltaic panels in households or in commercial spaces. Romania will promote the distributed generation from renewable sources with installed power between 3 kW and 100 kW ( most recently, starting from 4th of December 2020 ), the on-grid installations being subsidized through the financial support of the Environmental Fund Administration ( 3 kW for residential prosumers ) with ,,photovoltaic green house,, program and Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment with the ,,Electric Up,, program ( between 27 kW - 100 kW power for commercial prosumers). This paper proposes an analysis of Romanian prosumers in with a specific case study comprise of a comparative analysis for an integrated 3kW (residential) energy user versus a smart prosumer, and their subsequent energy curves, in order to reduce the the energy consumption with a management system for the optimal coordination of the energy to the owner's need, also the rentability of the system and a minimum disturbance of the electricity grid.

Keyphrases: consumer, Energy, Grid, photovoltaic panels, prosumer, Smart Grid

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