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Tornado Concept of the Blood Flow Movement in the Heart and Main Vessels

EasyChair Preprint no. 4393

7 pagesDate: October 14, 2020


The article proposes a new approach to the quantitative analysis of the hydrodynamic structure of blood flow in the flow channel, from the left atrium to the end of the aorta. This approach is based on the use of the concept of self-organization of tornado-like swirling jets in channels of a certain geometric configuration, for which exact solutions of the basic non-stationary equations of hydrodynamics had been found. Based on a large amount of experimental data, it was shown that the necessary and sufficient conditions for generating and maintaining the swirling structure of the jet throughout the entire cardiac cycle are satisfied throughout the channel under consideration. It is shown that the swirling flow structure is the main factor acting in the mechanism of blood movement, ensuring the stability of the flow structure, the absence of stagnant and separation zones and minimizing the viscous interactions in the flow core and at the flow boundaries.

Keyphrases: Aorta, blood flow, Heart

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