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Upskilling Educators for Pandemic Teaching: Using Video Technology in Higher Education

EasyChair Preprint no. 8825

9 pagesDate: September 9, 2022


The popularization of technology in the higher education environment has raised awareness about the importance of educators’ technological knowledge for teaching and learning. The Technological Pedagogy Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework explains the set of knowledge that educators need to be equipped with for enhanced pedagogies. This will help them to adapt to the expectations of their digital native students. From a training needs analysis conducted in a higher education institution in Malaysia, a two-day training was conducted for the institution’s lecturers to cultivate their use of video technology based on the TPACK framework. The training facilitators evaluated the lecturers’ performance, and the results of the evaluation were presented in this study. Results show that the training successfully closed the identified training gap, and enhanced the lecturers’ capabilities in using video technology for teaching and learning purposes across various disciplines.

Keyphrases: higher education, teaching and learning, technology use, TPACK, training

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