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4D and 5D Project Management Planning and Scheduling by BIM Application of Parco Station

EasyChair Preprint no. 8930

17 pagesDate: October 3, 2022


4D and 5D Planning and Scheduling of the Construction Project Using Project Management Software in contrast with the past, presently construction industry concerned about optimal execution of project. For this to achieve, the construction industry needs a systematic planning, scheduling and management process which in turn permit the overall optimization of cost, time and resources. Usage of conventional project management software tools for explaining the status of the vast projects to the various parties involving in the construction is not up to the mark. The traditional construction industry's production efficiency is comparatively low and the waste of resources is serious, which has seriously hindered the construction industry. The planning and scheduling can be integrated on a software to create a 4D and 5D view of the project. With the application of BIM 4D and 5D in the planning phase of the construction project, the level of meticulous management in the construction stage being improved effectively, the waste of the project being reduced and the construction quality and construction progress being ensured.

Keyphrases: Construction Quality, Scheduling, systematic planning

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