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Neutrino Effect on Gamma Radiation Emission from Radioactive Nuclides

EasyChair Preprint no. 7515

24 pagesDate: February 26, 2022


Several studies concerning changes in the decay constants of radioactive nuclides have demonstrated that solar flares can temporarily alter radioactive decay rates. This study sought to explore the effect of neutrinos on radioactive nuclei by constructing a radiation detection system that employs a radioactive source in front of a neutrino emission system. Proton cyclotron was chosen as the source of neutrino emitters. Responding to cyclotron operations, each of four detection systems registered gamma count rate decreases. The results of this study confirm that rises in neutrino flux affected the decay rates of the examined radioactive nuclides. Here we provide significant evidence that neutrinos affect the radioactive decay process. Neutrino detection is known to be very challenging due to the minuscule absorption in a stable nucleus. However, the study found that there is a greater probability of radionuclides interaction with the neutrino.

Keyphrases: cyclotron, gamma, neutrino, Radiation, radioactive

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