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DigiTrainer, a Tool to Train Those Who Train

EasyChair Preprint no. 5485

5 pagesDate: May 8, 2021


Teacher training institutions train their students on a vocational principle which involves trainees alternating between the training institution and a practical on-the-job work placement. In this context, students are supported in various ways. DigiTrainer, the platform presented in this poster, allows us to work on this support based on the principle that feedback from students in training is an effective means of enabling teacher trainers to improve their performance. Using standard questionnaires, the platform allows the posture and the methods of support to be determined. The tool also makes it possible to analyse the training interviews by analysing speech turns, identifying the speakers and the proportion of their respective speeches. An automatic transcription tool enables lexicometric processing: quantification of certain terms, identification of key words or remarkable phrases.

Keyphrases: Automatic speech analysis, Coaching, digital platform, teacher training

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