Proceedings of 34th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications

Editors: Gordon Lee and Ying Jin
51 articles483 pagesPublished: March 13, 2019


Session M-A2: Computers in Education:
Pages 1-7
Pages 8-16
Pages 17-26
Pages 27-35
Session M-P1: Computational Issues:
Pages 36-44
Pages 45-54
Pages 55-64
Pages 65-74
Session M-P2: Algorithms I:
Pages 75-82
Pages 83-92
Pages 93-98
Pages 99-106
Session M-P3: Computer Security:
Pages 107-116
Pages 117-126
Pages 127-136
Pages 137-143
Pages 144-154
Session M-P4: Programming and Software Engineering:
Pages 155-167
Pages 168-179
Pages 180-190
Pages 191-202
Pages 203-209
Session T-A2: Computers in Healthcare:
Pages 210-218
Pages 219-224
Pages 225-235
Pages 236-246
Session T-P1: Visualization:
Pages 247-256
Pages 257-264
Pages 265-270
Pages 271-281
Session T-P2: Algorithms II:
Pages 282-291
Pages 292-300
Pages 301-309
Pages 310-316
Session T-P3: Special Session on Software Engineering Applications:
Pages 317-324
Pages 325-335
Pages 336-344
Pages 345-355
Session T-P4: Cloud Computing:
Pages 356-367
Pages 368-377
Pages 378-386
Pages 387-396
Pages 397-406
Session W-A1: Computers in Manufacturing and Business:
Pages 407-417
Pages 418-427
Pages 428-437
Pages 438-443
Session W-A2: Applications:
Pages 444-453
Pages 454-463
Pages 464-474
Pages 475-483


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