ICRISET2017. International Conference on Research and Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology. Selected Papers in Computing


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2-Cartesian product, 2-tensor product, adjacency matrix, Asymptotic formula, Automatic banking, Big Data, Canny Edge Detection, Cartesian product, Casson fluid, Classification, Co-current imbibition phenomenon, Collinear points, Color Moment, Conical plates, Darcy law, deformation2, Delay Tolerant Networks, Dirichlet and Neumann boundary Conditions, Discrete Squared Residual, embedded system, Environmental sensor, face detection, face recognition, False report injection attack, feature extraction, Fingero-Imbibition phenomenon, finite difference method, fixed point, fluid flow, function algebra, Fuzzy initial value problems, fuzzy numbers, Fuzzy-valued function, GLCM, Ground water recharge, Hadoop, Hakuhara derivatives, Harris corner detection, heat conduction, Hidden Web Crawler, HIPI, Homotopy Analysis Method., human mobility, image processing, Infinitely long rectangular plates, Internet of Things, Longitudinal Roughness, low energy trajectory design, magnetic fluid2, Magneto hydrodynamics, matlab programme, Method of fuzzy laplace transform, MHD, modeling and simulation, Nano fluid, neural network, Nine-point circle, Nusselt number, oblateness, open source, Optimal Homotopy analysis method, ortho centric points, parabolic motion, partial differential equations, penetration testing, Periodic orbits, Poincare surface of section, porosity, porous media, porous medium2, positive linear operators, Probabilistic voting-based filtering, Ramped temperature, Reproduction number, Restricted three body problem, ROI (Region of Interest), roughness, Routing, Sazas-Mirakyan operators, Sherwood number, Single phase fluid, Skin friction, slip velocity, Social characteristics, spectrum, Spline collocation method, SQL Injection, Statistical En-route Filtering scheme, Strongly generalized differentiability, surveillance, threshold value, Viola–Jones, Vote length, Weakly analytic set, Web application vulnerability, Web Scanner tool, Wireless Sensor Network2