SEDE 2021:Editor's Preface

SEDE 2021:Editor's Preface

The 30th International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering (SEDE- 2021) provides researchers and scientists all over the world a great opportunity to present and discuss research results in the areas of software engineering and data engineering. The conference particularly welcomes contributions at the junction between theory and practice with immediate impact on applications as well as interdisciplinary research involving both software engineering and data engineering.

SEDE-2021 is co-located with the 34th International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering (CAINE-2021), both conferences being sponsored by the International Society for Computers and Their Applications (ISCA). Information about the society can be found at We were supposed to be located this year in wonderful New Orleans, LA; however, we had to move our conference online due to the global pandemic. SEDE-2021 featured a keynote talk by a prominent researcher and four regular paper presentation sessions.

The SEDE-2021 conference addresses a broad range of research and practical software engineering and data engineering topics including theory, methods, applications, and tools. Each paper submitted to SEDE-2021 was peer reviewed by at least two members of the international program committee (38 members, from 12 countries and 5 continents), who judged it for originality, significance, technical contents, application contents, and presentation style. In fact, the vast majority of the papers were reviewed by three or more reviewers who provided their input in the acceptance decision process.

For this edition of the conference, we received 19 papers, of which 15 made it to the final program. We would like to take this opportunity and warmly thank all the authors who submitted their work to SEDE-2021. Their contribution to the conference has been greatly appreciated and we kindly invite them to continue to contribute to future ISCA conferences.

Furthermore, we gratefully acknowledge the professional work of the international program committee members, who have contributed substantially with their highly qualified referee reports. We also greatly appreciate the contribution and participation of the SEDE-2021 invited keynote speaker, Dr. Nic Herndon from the Department of Computer Science, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

In addition, we owe great thanks to the ISCA conference organization members for their dedication and professionalism in taking care of the many aspects of conference management. Moreover, we would like to thank the developers and other professional staff of, who made it possible for us to use the resources of this excellent and comprehensive conference management system.

We also want to thank all presenters and attendees for actively contributing to the success of SEDE-2021. We are looking forward to excellent presentations and fruitful discussions, which will broaden our professional horizons. All participants are invited to make new friends within the ISCA community.

Conference Chair: Frederick Harris, University of Nevada, Reno
Program Co-Chair: Rui Wu, East Carolina University
Program Co-Chair: Alex Redei, Central Michigan University
Welcome to SEDE-2021!
October 11, 2021
Planned for New Orleans, but moved to Online