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Requirements, current status and recommendations on the German Online Access Act (OZG) at German universities

10 pagesPublished: October 12, 2021


The German Online Access Act (OZG) legally paves the way for the implementation of the EU regulation "Single Digital Gateway", which provides for digital availability of public services in the EU by January 2024. With this, the EU defines the standard for making public administration faster, more efficient, more user-friendly and consistently digital for citizens.
For the higher education sector, Germany has set up a coordinated implementation management for the so-called "study life situation", although universities are not a focus of OZG. Beyond the OZG, there are model projects in which digitised formats of data exchange are being developed in the national and European context. In addition, HEIs have used digitized solutions for study-related services such as application, admission, enrolment and administration of study and examination processes for quite some time.
An overarching study should now show the relationships between the various activities and at the same time outline what remains to be done to implement the OZG.
The study certifies that digital administrative services for students at higher education institutions can be described as far advanced. However, with regard to networking purposes of HEIs, especially with state agencies, important legal, institutional and technical prerequisites are lacking to allow for implementing the solutions already developed in model projects as extensively as possible. The study provides recommendations for action for decision-makers at federal and state level, universities and IT service providers and is important for a European discussion of the results because it shows the complex structure of the political multi-level system in the implementation of digitisation for the higher education sector. At the same time, it makes clear that successful results can only be achieved through networking and involvement of all relevant levels and not through centralisation alone.

Keyphrases: Administration, Digitization, e-government, legislation, Online Access Act, Universities

In: Spiros Bolis, Jean-François Desnos, Lazaros Merakos and Raimund Vogl (editors). Proceedings of the European University Information Systems Conference 2021, vol 78, pages 31--40

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