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Design and Grasping Experiments of Soft Humanoid Hand with Variable Stiffness

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7 pagesDate: October 22, 2020


To improve the safety and adaptability of the human–machine and environment–machine interactions, the research of soft grippers has attracted much attention. In this study a novel Soft Humanoid Hand with Variable Stiffness(SHH-VS) is presented. The SHH-VS has 6 degrees of freedom, and the design of the soft finger with variable stiffness adopts the principle of layer blocking. The SHH-VS can complete grasping, pinching, holding, lifting and other multi-skill grasping operations, using the tendon-driven mechanism.Tactile sensors are installed at the fingertips, which can realize real-time feedback of tactile information.The SHH-VS has better flexibility, greater grasping power, and multi-skill grasping ability. Through a number of grasping experiments, it has been verified that the SHH-VS has greater reliability and safety, and can be used in various daily situations.

Keyphrases: grasping experiments, multi-skill grasping, soft humanoid hand, tactile sensor, variable stiffness

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