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Impact of Film and other Social Narratives on Students

EasyChair Preprint no. 9275

5 pagesDate: November 7, 2022


These days movies possess a critical portion of the media items devoured by individuals. In Russia, cinema is being considered as a implies of person and social change, which makes a commitment to the arrangement of the Russian audience’s viewpoint, counting their states of mind towards topical social issues. At the identical time, the address of the adequacy of films’ affect remains an open address in mental science. Agreeing to the observational introduction of our approach to the consider of mass media impact, our objective was to urge modern information on the positive affect of films supported particular exploratory investigate. The assignment was to acknowledge changes within the states of mind of young individuals, because the foremost dynamic watchers, towards topical social issues after observing a very chosen film. Employing a psychosemantic method that included 25 scales outlined to differentiate states of mind towards elderly individuals, respondents assessed their different characteristics a while recently and after observing the film.

Keyphrases: attitudes, Cinema, elderly people, films, mass media, Mass medium, students

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