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Modern biology has made great advances in our knowledge of the workings of organisms at the molecular level. Although there is still much to be learned in this area, many biologists believe that the next major effort in their discipline will be to understand how these cellular components work together, in much the same way that the components of a computer are integrated. This system-level knowledge is essential to solving important problems like understanding the causes of diseases and discovering new drugs. As models of biological systems grow in complexity, researchers are experiencing some of the same problems that beset software designers and computer engineers. The topics of this workshop reflect the interdisciplinary approach needed to solve these problems. Some of the lecturers are biologists who use computer models to develop and test their hypotheses, and others are computer scientists who are applying formal methods to build and analyze models of biological systems.

Invited Speakers

Alessandra Carbone (IHES & Université Pierre & Marie Curie)

Jérôme Feret (INRIA & ENS Paris)

Thomas Henzinger (IST)

Cédric Lhoussaine (LIFL)

Anne Siegel (IRISA)

Adelinde Uhrmacher (Rostock)


Contributed talks

Joëlle DespeyrouxAmy Felty and Elisabetta de Maria: A Logical Framework for System Biology



  • Russ Harmer (CNRS & ENS Lyon, France)
  • Jim Lynch (Clarkson University, USA)

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