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8th Workshop on Systems Software Verification

Unfortunately the workshop has been canceled!


SSV is the 8th Workshop on Systems Software Verification (SSV).

Industrial-strength software analysis and verification has advanced in recent years through the introduction of model checking, automated and interactive theorem proving, and static analysis techniques, as well as correctness by design, correctness by contract, and model-driven development. However, many techniques are working under restrictive assumptions that are invalidated by complex embedded systems software such as operating system kernels, low-level device drivers, or microcontroller code. 

The aim of the SSV workshop is to bring together researchers and developers from both academia and industry who are facing real software and real problems with the goal of finding real, applicable solutions. By “real” we mean problems such as time-to-market or reliability that the industry is facing. A real solution is one that is applicable to the problem in industry and not one that only applies to an abstract, academic, toy version of it. In this workshop we will discuss software analysis and development techniques and tools; this forum will serve as a platform to discuss open problems and future challenges in dealing with existing and upcoming systems-level code. 

We are intentionally keeping the focus fairly wide on the verification side (interactive theorem proving, model checking, static analysis, automated testing), but emphasise the application area and relevance to actual code verification. 

Detailed information on SSV2014 can be found on the SSV2014 website

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Call for Papers


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