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Celebrating thirty years of statecharts and David Harel’s 2^6th  birthday, distinguished speakers from around the world will present in this workshop research related to reactive systems. Areas include software and system engineering, biological modeling, design, development, logic and verification, and applications.

The term reactive systems was coined in a paper co-authored by David Harel and Amir Pnueli almost three decades ago, to denote systems whose ongoing behavior is focused on reacting to environment-driven events, including, among others, real-time software and hardware systems, and models of biological systems. Over the years, much research has been conducted to tackle the challenges associated with the modeling, development and analysis of such systems.

Speakers include:
- Albert Benveniste – INRIA
Edmund Clarke – Carnegie Mellon University
- Nachum Dershowitz - Tel Aviv University 
- Jasmin Fisher - Microsoft Research and University of Cambridge
- Orna Grumberg – Technion
- Thomas A. Henzinger – IST Austria 
- Tony Hoare – Microsoft Research and Cambirdge University Computing Laboratory
- Hillel Kugler – Microsoft Research
- Marta Kwiatkowska – Oxford University
- Shahar Maoz – Tel Aviv University
- Dana Scott  Carnegie Mellon University and University of California at Berkeley
Moshe Vardi – Rice University

- Shahar Maoz - Tel Aviv University
- Assaf Marron - Weizmann Institute of Science

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