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PAAR provides a forum for developers of automated reasoning tools to discuss and compare differentimplementation techniques, and for users to discuss and communicate their applications and requirements. The workshop brings together different groups toconcentrate on practical aspects of the implementation and application of automated reasoning tools. It allows researchers to present their work in progress, and to discuss new implementation techniques and applications.

Topics include but are not limited to: 

  • automated reasoning in propositional, first-order, higher-order and non- classical logics;

  • implementation of provers (SAT, SMT, resolution, tableau, instantiation- based, rewriting, logical frameworks, etc);

  • automated reasoning tools for all kinds of practical problems and applica- tions;

  • pragmatics of automated reasoning within proof assistants;

  • practical experiences, usability aspects, feasibility studies;

  • evaluation of implementation techniques and automated reasoning tools;

  • performance aspects, benchmarking approaches;

  • non-standard approaches to automated reasoning, non-standard forms of automated reasoning, new applications

  • implementation techniques, optimisation techniques, strategies and heuris- tics, fairness;

  • support tools for prover development;

  • system descriptions and demos.

We are particularly interested in contributions that help the community to understand how to build useful reasoning systems in practice, and how to apply existing systems to real problems. 

Call for Papers

See http://vsl2014.at/pages/PAAR-cfp.html


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