AISS Call for Papers

AISS 2014 – Algorithmics of Infinite State Systems 2014
July 18, 2014 · Vienna, Austria


Important Dates

Submissions by May 15, 2014
Notifications by June 1st, 2014
Workshop July 18, 2014

Aims and Scope

The workshop provides the opportunity to assess recent scientific
advances and exchange ideas on the algorithmic theory of infinite
state systems. Infinite state systems arise in many areas of
computer science. Typical examples are recursive programs,
communicating systems with unbounded buffers, and real time systems.
Important algorithmic techniques dealing with infinite state systems
include model checking, reachability and equivalence checking.

We invite submissions on the following topics (no order) as well
as thereto related areas:

  • abstract machine models for infinite state systems (e.g. pushdown systems, higher-order pushdown systems, counter automata)
  • Petri nets
  • automatic structures
  • well-structured transition systems
  • rewriting formalisms for infinite state systems (e.g. ground tree rewriting)
  • higher-order recursion schemes
  • algorithmic model theory
  • games on infinite arenas
  • model checking for infinite state systems (e.g. model checking for MSO, FO, CTL, LTL, mu-calculus)
  • equivalence checking for infinite state systems (e.g. bisimulation equivalence checking)
  • decomposition techniques for infinite state systems (e.g. Feferman/Vaught decompositions)
  • reachability in infinite state systems

Paper Submissions

Submissions should consist of an abstract of at most 4 pages.
We do not plan to have a published proceedings or special issue
for a journal. Theorefore, already published recent work is
welcome too.

Submissions should be made via the easy chair system:


Program Committee