GSB Call for Papers

GSB3 – Workshop on Gentzen Systems and Beyond 3
July 13, 2014 · Vienna, Austria


Important Dates

Submission deadline April 13, 2014
Author notification May 9, 2014
Final version May 20, 2014

Aims and Scope

This is a workshop on Gentzen-style proof systems, their generalizations, and extensions. Since the introduction of the sequent calculus and natural deduction by Gerhard Gentzen in the 1930s, a wide spectrum of formalisms have been used to construct proof systems for logics resisting a simpler description, including hypersequents, deep inference systems, display calculi, labelled deductive systems, tableaux, and proof nets, to name just a few. The aim of this workshop is to explore and compare the motivations for and relative merits of these different approaches. Potential topics for talks include:

  • Cut-elimination and its applications, e.g., decidability, complexity results, interpolation, amalgamation, completeness proofs, computational interpretations, etc.
  • Scope, limitations, interrelationships, and philosophical aspects of various formalisms.

A broader aim of the workshop is to build a bridge between researchers into theoretical aspects of structural proof theory and the more application-oriented goals of the proof theory community, particularly in cases where the methods, such as constructing analytic systems, are shared.

Invited Speakers

Alex Simpson, University of Edinburgh

Anna Zamansky, University of Haifa

Paper Submissions

Abstracts of 1–2 pages in EasyChair LaTeX style should be submitted electronically as PDF files via the EasyChair submission site:


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